About Us

We’re not particularly normal - even when we’re apart but it is a lot of more fun together. Melon & Melly helps us stay connected across the miles and gives us new stuff to bicker over. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Ellen (aka Melon): At age 4, Ellen chopped off her hair on one side and almost convinced mom “it grew that way". She was the ultimate pesky, little sister. But karma has had the last laugh by blessing Ellen with 3 amazing daughters who are just like her!

Joey (aka &): Forever the middle child, Joey has even been reduced to a ligature of letters (&). When not jumping out of airplanes (on purpose), he is found taking apart cars, saving the world from cyber threats, or melting our parents' Tupperware (on purpose).

Melissa (aka Melly): 
You know those really annoying parents who absolutely rock at school projects? That's Melly. She loves puff paint, rocks a glue gun, and has a constant need to declutter (if only her husband wouldn't get so annoyed when she throws away his stuff).